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Real Estate and Land Disputes

Penal Code and Crimes

Real Estate and Land Disputes

At ALK Legal Advocates Best Real Estate Lawyers in Abu Dhabi, and Property Lawyers in Abu Dhabi, we understand that Real Estate disputes can become costly and unnecessarily prolonged if not handled and resolved expertly. That is why we aim to follow legal processes that can deliver a positive outcome, within the least possible time, and with no collateral damage.

Real Estate is one of the UAE’s biggest industries, and legal disputes can arise due to any number of misunderstanding and difficulties between the following parties:

  • Tenants

  • Landlords

  • Investors

  • Contractors

  • Real estate brokers

  • Companies


The involvement of each of these parties can be expected to bring their own set of complications to the legal proceedings, and each is regulated by a unique set of laws. We understand that every Real Estate case is unique since there are different types of properties in UAE – each governed by a separate set of sub-regulations. Our legal team creates cases that are fully compliant with the type of property and zone in which the property is located, helping ensure that your case reaches a swift and positive resolution.

Abu Dhabi Real Estate market is constantly growing and often draws extensive internal and foreign investment, and offers many financing options. The ALK Legal Advocates team understands the role and importance of following the necessary legal procedures and litigation processes in cases pertaining to Real Estate law.

For individuals looking to make an investment (short or long term) in the UAE’s real estate market, we recommend reaching out to our team for a consultation – to understand the legal nuances that can have a legal impact on the property.

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