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Personal Status Law

Personal Status Law

Our Personal Status Legal services deal with a wide range of family matters such as marriage, divorce, annulment, child custody, inheritance, etc. We understand that family matters and disputes need to be handled carefully and compassionately. From child custody issues to divorce proceedings and expense settlements, the resolution of family matters needs a careful and professional approach that is amiable for all parties involved.

We also understand the unique complications and challenges posted by the presence of an international mix of nationalities in the UAE. Our team works carefully and efficiently to understand the unique needs and nature of each case pertaining to personal status law. This includes considering the nationality of involved parties, as well as the implications of any diversity thereof.

The UAE has a high expat population, which means that all legal proceedings related to personal status law must consider the complications caused by the coming together of the jurisdiction of the UAE courts, the unique nature of family law in the middle eastern region, as well as the judicial rulings issued by family courts around the world. The team at ALK Legal Advocates understands these particulars and always advises our clients on the course of action that can be expected to yield the best possible result.

In addition to the nationalities of the involved parties, the application of Personal Status Law in the UAE is also directly impacted by their religion, and status as UAE nationals or non-nationals. These and other similar particulars can influence the approach that is best suited for each case. At ALK Legal Advocates also Top Law Firms In Abu Dhabi, Dubai And Best Civil Lawyers In Dubai, we understand these essentials and are fully dedicated to ensuring that our clients find the solution that protects their interests while securing legal coverage.

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