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Labor Law

Penal Code and Crimes

UAE Labour Law Services

The UAE is home to over 200 nationalities, making up around 80% of the country’s population. This includes employees and employers, working in an economy that spans numerous business zones, industries, contractual arrangements, etc.

In order to keep the economic engine running smoothly, the UAE government has developed a world-class labour law infrastructure that provides a comprehensive and intricate framework for the regulation, control and management of labour management. The UAE labour law is always being updated to ensure that it is covering the latest 

At ALK Legal Advocates Best Labour Lawyers In Abu Dhabi, we always stay updated with the latest developments in the UAE labour law clauses, processes and requirements. Our legal team excels at resolving friction between employees and employers, to create a working environment in which problems are amicably resolved and legal knowledge is fully leveraged. Tension and friction between employees and employers can lead to unwanted complications that we can defuse by providing credible legal advice – to ensure that the legal rights of all parties are protected and illegal/unfair activities are processed within the full extent of the law.

At ALK Legal Advocates best labour lawyer is able to offer specialized legal services to help individuals and companies protect their rights in situations where compliance with legal requirements may be questionable.

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