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Hiba Habib Al Maani
Lawyer & Legal Consultant

She obtained her Bachelor Degree in the Legal and Islamic Sharia fields from United Arab Emirates University in 1999. She obtained her Masters Degree of International Business from Paris – Sorbbone University – Abu Dhabi and holds a certificate of an international arbitrator.

She has experience in all courts of the state, primary courts and courts of appeal, the State Security Court, the Federal Supreme Court, the Court of Cassation diplomacy. She has been participated in humanitarian international legal conference and has a high capacity and experience in attending meetings of expertise and discussing the experts and reviews the contracts, also establishing companies.


Negotiated with creditors on behalf of a construction client, represented the management in the criminal and civil cases involved with cheques and guarantees, represented the company in labor cases in light of insolvency and before the Ministry of Labor, advised in relationships between cross border insolvency of group companies.

On behalf of a client in the consultancy industry, Hiba assisted in various claims between creditors and the debtors of the company and the arrangement of the winding up of the business.

Advised a company in the food and beverage wholesale industry. Hiba assisted with the preparation of the winding up process, provided advice to the shareholders and the management in relation to insolvency, restructure of operation and company to mitigate losses. Represented the company in the Litigation between the creditors and debtors and the previous management, assisted with the wind-up process.

For a client in the exhibitions industry, Hiba was involved in litigation including criminal, civil and defending the management of company, concluding with planning and structuring the insolvency.

Advised in the insolvency of several companies under a group owned conglomerate, dealing and assisting with the current liquidator of the company in cases against the previous management and other creditors and debtors of the company, including asset search and recovery. Hiba has dealt in various civil and criminal litigation surrounding insolvency and bankruptcy.

Hiba has assisted in the insolvency of a very large manufacturing company, dealing with the banks and the creditors with the focus on guarantees, dealing with the labor aspect, the shareholders and the liquidator. Involved in the insolvency of the company.

Hiba assisted with the insolvency of a large Marine company, dealing with the litigation between the partners of the company and the management. Involved in winding up the business.

Assisted in the insolvency of a Heavy-Duty Equipment Company, dealing with the litigation between the partners of the company and the management team and winding up the company.

Involved in the Bank J. Safra Sarasin DIFC in its insolvency, this incorporated both DIFC Law and English Law. Assisting in the application to obtain an order to wind up the company and assist the main creditor in recovery of owed monies.

Advised on a number of large infrastructure PPP projects including a large University project in a multilateral non-recourse financing with mezzanine facility worth circa $1 billion.

Hiba has been Involved in a number of Insolvency cases but his experience is not limited to this practice, Hiba has worked on a variety of transactions and projects throughout his experience, he has advised and assisted in establishing a number of companies and subsidiaries in Abu Dhabi and successfully advised a number of national and international companies including prominent banks in their corporate restructure and corporate governance.

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