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Drafting Contracts & Agreements

Drafting Contracts & Agreements

Our professional contract and agreement drafting services help ensure complete legal security and technical accuracy for all involved parties. The team at ALK Legal Advocates specializes in identifying areas that may result in disputes in the future. This information is then used to eliminate potential points of conflict, so that all of the involved parties can come reach an amicable agreement on the terms of the contract.

We follow a transparent and professional process of contract drafting, to ensure that there are no complications and continue to give priority to safeguarding the interests of our clients. Every effort is made to ensure that there is no unexpected legal consequences or complications at any point.

Examples of our Contract Drafting services:

Family & Personal Contracts

ALK Legal Advocates is one of the best Family law firms in UAE and family lawyer in UAE having experience of approximately 20 years. Our team is also able to draft effective contracts for family-related cases such as those relating to donations and will contracts, and divorce settlement agreements.


General Corporate Contracts

Our contract services for general corporate operations include drafting contracts for company’s general system, business terms and conditions articles of incorporates and articles of incorporation appendices, as well as contracts for general and special powers of attorney. 

Corporate Expansion Contracts

In the area of the company’s expansion and operations that include an external party, our services include drafting contracts for partnership and agreements, merger and acquisition contracts and agreements, structuring agreements, loan contracts, sales contracts, legal warnings and more.

Company-Employee Relationship Contracts

In the area of employee relationship, our services include drafting contracts for information confidentiality, employment, and settlement agreements of all kind.

Real Estate, Property & Logistics Contracts

We also offer contract and agreement drafting services include drafting of contracts for mortgage, real estate, leasing, contracting contracts, commercial agency contracts, and logistics contracts

As mentioned above, the team of ALK Legal Advocates accompanies the client in the negotiation stages, encourages him to reach an agreement that meets his needs, regulates his rights and obligations and avoids unexpected legal consequences..

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