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Abdullah Moataz
Lawyer and Legal Consultant

He obtained his Bachelor Degree in the Legal fields from Mansoura University in 2016.

He worked as a lawyer in ALK Legal Advocates since 2018 and currently he is working in the Office in the United Arab Emirates. He has full experience in criminal, civil and commercial cases and civil status, labor cases, rents cases, compensation cases, insurance companies and labor supply companies

Employment History & Relevant Experience

Abdullah is an Egyptian national, educated at the University of Mansoura in EGYPT (LLB) and has A higher Diploma in Private International Law.

At ALK Legal Advocates, Abdullah is part of the Litigation team where he deals with civil, criminal, labour and personal status matters. In addition to providing clients with legal opinions on their positions and consequences of their acts and omissions, Abdullah drafts, various memorandums in all degrees of litigation.

Since joining ALK Legal Advocates, Abdullah has also been involved in and responsible for litigation matters relating to the UAE courts be it commercial or constructions.

Prior to joining our firm, Abdullah was a Legal Advisor in Egypt and Kuwait. Abdullah handled all internal legal matters including civil, criminal, personal status, employment cases and commercial contracts reviewing and drafting.

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